Lary Love Dolley

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Lary Love Dolley is a writer/director/actor and model based out of New Orleans, Louisiana.
She has been featured in Bizarre, Alt Variety, Gore Noir, Gothic Noir, Gothic Beauty, London Vampire & Dark Gothic Resurrected magazine.

Her writing has been published on Spiral and in Sweet Decay zine.
 Original short horror films Lary has written,directed and 
acted in have appeared on American Horrors 
channel , Black Flag tv , at a Fun Palaces                                                                          screening in the UK and disinformation's 5 a.m. series.


For business inquiries[email protected]


A. Short story sample

Her eyes snapped open as she felt her body rock violently. Was someone shaking her awake? How long had she been out ? It must have been the champagne she had to sip as she waited in a silk kimono after she took her cool shower where she bathed with special soap.

She’d never served as a human sushi bar before or Nyotaimori as it was called in Japanese but it seemed like an easy gig and she needed the money. Her small afro was adorned with exotic fragrant flowers and she was laid down on a table where large glossy green leaves covered her privates and an assortment of sushi rolls and sashimi placed atop them. All the attention and primping made her feel like something special. She lay and wait as the well dressed guests of different ethnicities filed into the penthouse. This is going to be the easiest 500 dollars I’ve ever made she thought to herself gleefully. Now she went to lift her head but it felt like it weighed one hundred pounds. Her mouth was dry save for a tangy taste that coated her tongue.She lightly smacked her flaky cracked lips together and knew what she tasted was blood. All around her voices buzzed. A woman stood over her with chopsticks prone, she reached down and lifted a piece of sashimi off. She admired the red sliver of jiggling raw flesh the tossed her head back, spread her lispticked lips and dropped it into her mouth. The sushi chef who was standing at her legs came to her side. He sharpened his knife and glared at her.

“What time is-” before she could finish her question the chef plunged the knife into her side,

she felt the rush of cold hard sharp steel entering her, tearing through flesh along the way.

The knife’s entry caused an eruption of blood to flood her throat and spill out her mouth. She gagged, turning her head so the blood dribbled out...

E. script sample- The Dangerous Type pages 5 -7 of 9 


Where is the nurse they usually send?

She pulls out blood bag, greedily drinks it down. NURSE's face twitches with disgust and she stifles a gag by covering her mouth. Vampire goes at another bag and not a drop goes to waste.


She got out of the business.

I handle her deliveries now.


How long have you been a blood broker?


This is my 13th delivery.

The nurse folds her arms, shakes her head and stares at Vampire.


If you ever need any help-


What I need is type AB negative on tap.


How can you tell the different types of blood?


The taste usually but my senses are all off;

O is plummy.

A tastes like chicory.

The Nurse gets up and walks away, with her back to Vampire.

She takes in the view of the room.


People with your condition....frighten me.

Vampire starts to approach Nurse from behind. She reaches inside her pocket robe.

Her hand withdraws a SCALPEL. She slips her arm behind her back.


B tastes like raspberries.

AB has a licorice flavor.